Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Cats in the Ally.

When going to concerts, I find myself thinking, "if only I had a camera in my hand right now", "if only I was a little bit closer to the stage", "if only I was playing with them", etc, etc. But last night, while I was thinking these things, I realised that I didn't really wish any of them. It was perfect. I may have only taken one picture, but it was enough. There was only one person in front of me, so how could I possibly complain? And something that I like to do at concerts of musicians whom I love, is to sing their songs with them from the audience. In a way, it kind of counts as playing with them :)

Did Felix really sing so cheekily just a metre away from me? Did the lights really shine like the sun at the perfect time in The Wine Song? Did Harry actually smile in my general direction with his trumpet to his lips just before the end of the final song? Yes. It all happened. Well at least I think it did..

The Cat Empire's music is so special to me. If I had to pick a band to be the soundtrack of my life, it would be them. Two and a half years ago I saw them at the River Stage for my first real concert. That concert stayed with me as my best concert experience. They out-performed themselves last night. Here's the story of the importance of The Cat Empire to Jacinta...

A long, long time ago in early 2005, a small girl saw the film clip for "Sly". This small girl was a trumpet player, simply because it was something she'd always done. Was. Not anymore. Now the small girl wanted to do nothing more than play the trumpet. She had never been exposed to this kind of lifestyle in music before. She was used to film clips of Holly Valance types and Kyle Minogue. But this. These people knew how to live. They knew how to make music.

The girl couldn't close her eyes to this new found way of life. Over time, she found more like-minded people. People who lived much like the lyrics of "The Crowd" and "Manifesto". She found refuge amongst the notes of "The Chariot" and "How To Explain?". Found and lost love to "Miserere", and again to "The Rhythm" and "Know Your Name".

Then the girl, much older now, was mooved by "Lonely Moon", "Down At The 303", and "Waltz". She loved them, not only for their musical brilliance, but because they were something for her to relate to.

Now the girl is a song writer and a student of the trumpet, in the midst of her first year of a music degree. Of course, The Cat Empire were not the only reason for this lifestyle choice, but they have, obviously, made quite the impression.

Oh, and Harry Angus is actually the most freaking amazing trumpet player I have ever shared a room with.