Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Zooey wins coolest human of the year. In fact, she wins coolest human of most years. I was first introduced to the Zooey in 500 Days of Summer, and I was, to say at the least, impressed. She wooed me with her quirk, her beauty and her style. After obsessing over the movie for a while, I found out that she is in a kick-ass band (She and Him) that kick ass, and some other fantastic movies.

She is my favourite. Out of all the female celebrities I idolise, she wins hands down.


Duo Of Greatness.

(Click on them to see the full shot)

It seems only appropriate to post these videos in between my Joseph and Zooey posts.


Monday, July 26, 2010


When I saw Inception just last week (with four of my favourite people!), I couldn't help but notice something about this charming man. And I don't mean to be quoting The Smiths, but I guess that's just what he's got me doin. So I remembered him from 10 Things I Hate About You, when he played the adorable dorky boy trying to win the pretty girl, and I remembered loving it. I remembered him in 500 Days of Summer, and remember it being only MY FAVOURITE MOVIE IN THE UNIVERSE. And then I remembered why I wasn't so charmed by him before seeing the gift from God that is Inception. Too many similarities in his roles. First off, both of the movie titles start with a number. I mean, seriously man. And secondly, in both movies he is the helpless romantic who wants the prettiest girl out, but just can't seem to get her. Of course, the story lines play out completely differently and Zooey is much much prettier (more about her later), but I still couldn't see past it. But now. Now that I've seen this new character that he can play. Now that I've seen the charm that has always been there. Now that I've seen his genius, his suits and his super awesomeness, there is no looking back. He is the sexiest, the hansomest. Now to see a picture of him reading sexily..


Smart Girl.

Rory Gilmore= Idol. She's bright, polite, beautiful and a little socially awkward. As the most well loved person in Stars Hollow, she reads her way to success and falls in love with beautiful men along the way. Her best friend is a crazy drummer with a crazy over-protective mother, and Paris is.. crazy. She's also best friends with her mum, who hates her mum. They're both crazy. Oh, and she's a Belle & Sebastian fan. I know this because she once got angry at someone for throwing her Belle & Sebastian T-Shirt out of the washing machine at Yale. She's so crazy!

I've watched a lot of Gilmore Girls.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rachel Rafter.

This post is dedicated to a fictional character. I don't watch much TV, but I do love a bit of Packed to the Rafters. I can definitely relate to the character of Rachel.

Well, more so when she was helplessly single.. but even now she's found love, she continues to be the crazy graphic designer that she is. I admire her individuality, strength, style and overall beauty! Her real life persona (Jessica Marais) is equally inspiring. She is just as unique, with some added wise. Here are some words of wisdom I read in an article with her about how she stays healthy, "It took me three years to realise that you can't have dessert everyday!" I hope that sticks with me.. it would probably benefit me not to have dessert everyday :) Of course, she does have some wise things to say on other topics also.


P.S. Happy birthday to my lovelies Nikki and Jess!

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Tea Leaves in the Cup, You're a Good Friend of Mine"

There are many people that I idolise and/or couldn't live without and/or draw so much inspiration from that I'm surprised they have any left to live off. I've decided to start acknowledging that in my blog.

The first post of love goes out to my bestest of best friends, Nikki. It's her birthday tomorrow and I wish her all of my good wishes. She is the best listener. In fact, she is such a good listener, that at school in a session with the career's councilor, they ended up discussing the career of the councilor. I owe her so many hours of listening to long, confusing stories that end with a "to be continued", told for the sake of sanity. Occasionally she also has to sit through my songs in their roughest form, because they explain things better than I can myself. She is the most selfless person I know; she looks after her family so well. She always smells nice and has very soft hair (seriously, you wouldn't believe how soft it is!). We share a passion for culture, taste in music (98% of the time!) and many pots of tea. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. See for yourself.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Over thought thoughts.

I love road trips- really, you never get more time to think without distractions, listen to hours and hours of music, see beautiful things, meet wonderful people, see friends/family who live in the middle of no wear, visit out of the way op shops and bizarre tourist attractions. And that I did.

To concentrate on some of the more important aspects (completely out of chronological order), I met my cousins brand new baby :) he's absolutely beautiful of course. We also visited my cousins in the Blue Mountains, who have settled in so so well to life in a small town. Visited an old friend of my parents, who doubles as my first music teacher! She has two girls and a husband now. Wow. Also, we tried something new this time. We took a billy with us, and made tea and coffee at rest stops instead of always stopping at cafes. Fantastic idea dad, we saw so much more!

The music never got boring. I never got over the trees. I never gave up finding wonderful things in the op shops. I did get sick of the mining museums. And I wasn't too fond of the set back with the car >:(

But it was the hours of thinking that really got to me. As per usual, I took the opportunity to over think just about everything that could possibly be over thought. And, of course, it's confused me even more. But that's possibly a good thing. (notice the uncertainty of the 'possibly') It always seems to help in the end- mulling over everything so disconnected from everything. It's better than where I was before I left. Stuck on one closed minded opinion. At least it's helped me to open my eyes a little. Possibly helped, possibly over complicated things. I guess I'll just find out. I'll contemplate some of these over thought thoughts in post form if they become relevant. One thing I am sure of, is that I still really want a cat :) below is my friend's cat, Louie.