Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cinta's Mind Update.

Just a quick break from posts dedicated to the people who inspire me most (there are many more to come!), for an update on the goings on of my mind of late :)

This year, I've been quite regularly considering and questioning relationships. Relationships of all kinds; with friends, strangers, acquaintances, family, lovers, etc. I've been thinking about what I look for in these different relationships, what I respect in a person, why I love the people I love, if I actually enjoy the company of the people I spend time with, how and why I become attached to certain people and why not others, things like that. Honestly, in all of my (practically constant) mulling, I haven't really come to many conclusions at all. It has made me reconsider some of my relationships, and even take some action to change them into something more suitable. Assisted me in allowing things to develop, weather it be letting someone in a little more, or accepting a more distanced relationship.

I've also been thinking about how I behave in different relationships, mostly in situations when meeting new people. I realised that I am really drawn to people when first meeting them, but I almost always rapidly loose interest after the first few times, once their new-ness no longer excites me. I think this is fairly normal.. well I kind of hope it is, because generally they appear to get board of me too.

Which brings me to my current thought process: I really enjoy the company of strangers. Sharing a moment with someone you barley know, or don't know at all, has a hit of excitement and a hint of thrill to it. You never know how they will take you, or what they will come out with!

However, nothing is more fulfilling than the company of close friends and family of course :)