Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Cats in the Ally.

When going to concerts, I find myself thinking, "if only I had a camera in my hand right now", "if only I was a little bit closer to the stage", "if only I was playing with them", etc, etc. But last night, while I was thinking these things, I realised that I didn't really wish any of them. It was perfect. I may have only taken one picture, but it was enough. There was only one person in front of me, so how could I possibly complain? And something that I like to do at concerts of musicians whom I love, is to sing their songs with them from the audience. In a way, it kind of counts as playing with them :)

Did Felix really sing so cheekily just a metre away from me? Did the lights really shine like the sun at the perfect time in The Wine Song? Did Harry actually smile in my general direction with his trumpet to his lips just before the end of the final song? Yes. It all happened. Well at least I think it did..

The Cat Empire's music is so special to me. If I had to pick a band to be the soundtrack of my life, it would be them. Two and a half years ago I saw them at the River Stage for my first real concert. That concert stayed with me as my best concert experience. They out-performed themselves last night. Here's the story of the importance of The Cat Empire to Jacinta...

A long, long time ago in early 2005, a small girl saw the film clip for "Sly". This small girl was a trumpet player, simply because it was something she'd always done. Was. Not anymore. Now the small girl wanted to do nothing more than play the trumpet. She had never been exposed to this kind of lifestyle in music before. She was used to film clips of Holly Valance types and Kyle Minogue. But this. These people knew how to live. They knew how to make music.

The girl couldn't close her eyes to this new found way of life. Over time, she found more like-minded people. People who lived much like the lyrics of "The Crowd" and "Manifesto". She found refuge amongst the notes of "The Chariot" and "How To Explain?". Found and lost love to "Miserere", and again to "The Rhythm" and "Know Your Name".

Then the girl, much older now, was mooved by "Lonely Moon", "Down At The 303", and "Waltz". She loved them, not only for their musical brilliance, but because they were something for her to relate to.

Now the girl is a song writer and a student of the trumpet, in the midst of her first year of a music degree. Of course, The Cat Empire were not the only reason for this lifestyle choice, but they have, obviously, made quite the impression.

Oh, and Harry Angus is actually the most freaking amazing trumpet player I have ever shared a room with.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surprise Amazement!

This afternoon, when very indecisively scrolling through my iPod trying to figure out just what the hell I was in the mood for, I decided to select The Middle East, simply because I hadn't listened to them in a while. But alas; it was perfect.

I was once again overwhelmed by the serenading music of these unique musicians. My introduction to The Middle East was quite a memorable one. I decided to see their show at Woodford Folk Festival '09/'10, as it was recommended to me by the lovely, early morning dwelling, bongo drum playing, tent assisting gentlemen in the tent next door. Having never heard them before, I was instantly in a state of surprise amazement when they began. Not only were they extremely talented musicians, but they combined musical genres and elements that I never would have dreamed of combining, resulting in this incredible creation of bliss. Their vocal harmonies.. holey mother of God. All of their voices have this kind of pure, enchanting quality to them. The combined timbre (in such beautiful chords) is just so phenomenal. In my opinion anyway :) And their lyrics. There is an underrated poet amongst them. You must listen (here) if you haven't already. I recommend "The Darkest Side" if you're keen to hear what I was talking about with harmonies.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Don't Want To Sell Me Deathsticks..

My happiness levels reached maximum level twice today. For the first time, when I saw this outside of Vinnies on my way to uni..

And for the second time when I purchased it on my way home from uni. What a day of glory.

To tie it in with my current blog theme, I am forever amazed by the amazingness of Obi Wan and, although he does not feature on this specific poster of greatness, Yoda. That's some wisdom, power and control they've got going on there! And their ability to control other people's minds.. for the greater good of course! As a youngin, I used to wish I was Padme. I must admit, I didn't fully understand her unfortunate fate at the end of episode three back then..


p.s. Everything would be so much more awesome if it wasn't for Jaja freaking Binks.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oompa Loompa Loompady Doo.

People should really stop dying their skin orange. It only looks cool on these guys.

In other news, all of the cats I walk by on my way home ran away when I came near them this afternoon. This made me sad.


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Nivest.

Stephen is my brother from another mother. He's so supportive of my music, and I would be totally lost without him around at uni to chill with.

The thing I admire most about Stephen is his musical talents. And oh how many musical talents there are. Of course, none of these instrument playing abilities would matter without an incredible sense of musicality. I think that's what I admire most. No matter how crazy ass seriously talented those other classical pianists at uni may be, his musicality and multi-instrument-abilities make him a better musician than all of them. Stephen can play piano virtuoso, jazz nordist AND Turkish accordionist, among a ridiculous range of other things.

But there's also just general Stephen admiration. I won't bore will a novel of details, so I'll just say that I think he's a really cool guy.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Oh Lisa Mitchell, You're My Heroine."

My admiration for Lisa Mitchell is different than it is for other famous musicians. Her music is a comforter for me, like a familiar friend. If you've ever seen her play live, then maybe you know what I'm getting at here. Or maybe not.. let's say, if you've ever seen me see her play live, then maybe you know what I'm getting at. I saw her at Woodford, and every time she started a new song I would say, "This one's my favourite!". I think my friends were getting a little board with me :) but they really are all my favourite, at different times. The ones that initially go unnoticed, later become my favourites. I think this process has included every song of hers I own now, so I look forward to a new album!

The first time I saw her live, my friends and I didn't actually know that she was going to be there. We went to see "The Panics" at the Powerhouse (2008), and she was supporting!! I only really knew a couple of her songs, but the ones I did know, I loved. We had a great position leaning against the speaker, where we could hide our shoes (heels= uncomfortable for dancing) under the stage and steal set lists. After that pre-lisa-fame experience, it was so bizarre to see the sea of fans at the Woodford show I wrote about earlier, just a year and a bit later!! I saw her again the next day at a smaller venue (however, still completely filled with singing fans!) and then mid this year, at The Tivoli.

Photo by Catherine Wilson

It's difficult to describe Lisa's stage presence. I don't know if I'd call it awkward, or polite, or shy, but it kind of reminds me of me. Some people see her live and are disappointed with how she communicates with the audience, but I get it. At one point in the Tivoli show, she attempted a joke. I'm sure it would have been very funny if we could see her thought process, but we couldn't.. so it wasn't received particularly well. This humanises her in my eyes. Of course, my view could possibly be a little distorted. In my eyes, as well as being human, she is a beautiful and incredibly stylish lady with super human lyric writing abilities. Her musical influence is one of the most prominent in my music, and her style in the way I dress. I make an effort not to be like people in obvious ways, to be my own person. But in this instance, I struggle. I'm not sure if it's because we're very similar, or because I'm just so inspiered by her. Either way, it's not intentional, and apparently unpreventable. She is almost too much the person I aspire to be.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Savers.

Once again my sanity was saved by musicians who are completely unaware of my existence and probably not sane themselves.

I finally wrote some half decent music again!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My post-song writing-happiness-levels are exceeding the norm. It's been a while. I'm pretty sure the long awaited end to my musical drought is due to the recent purchasing of the albums "Wincing The Night Away" (The Shins) and "I Believe You Liar" (Washington), both of which definitely should be heard by as many people as possible. And seen, as my brother made sure of pointing out, the album art is rather lovely!


Cinta's Mind Update.

Just a quick break from posts dedicated to the people who inspire me most (there are many more to come!), for an update on the goings on of my mind of late :)

This year, I've been quite regularly considering and questioning relationships. Relationships of all kinds; with friends, strangers, acquaintances, family, lovers, etc. I've been thinking about what I look for in these different relationships, what I respect in a person, why I love the people I love, if I actually enjoy the company of the people I spend time with, how and why I become attached to certain people and why not others, things like that. Honestly, in all of my (practically constant) mulling, I haven't really come to many conclusions at all. It has made me reconsider some of my relationships, and even take some action to change them into something more suitable. Assisted me in allowing things to develop, weather it be letting someone in a little more, or accepting a more distanced relationship.

I've also been thinking about how I behave in different relationships, mostly in situations when meeting new people. I realised that I am really drawn to people when first meeting them, but I almost always rapidly loose interest after the first few times, once their new-ness no longer excites me. I think this is fairly normal.. well I kind of hope it is, because generally they appear to get board of me too.

Which brings me to my current thought process: I really enjoy the company of strangers. Sharing a moment with someone you barley know, or don't know at all, has a hit of excitement and a hint of thrill to it. You never know how they will take you, or what they will come out with!

However, nothing is more fulfilling than the company of close friends and family of course :)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog Crush.

The Sartorialist. What a blog. Before I go on, I should probably point out that I've been reading this blog much longer than I have been posting my own. So no premature blog crushing going on here, it's all dignified.

I fall in love with the majority of the subjects of these incredibly crafted photos. How could you not? They're just so stylish and full of character. How they find so many individuals with such a distinct style, I will never know. Here are some of my more recent favorites..


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Stone's.

Angus and Julia Stone are my good mood fairies. The magical powers of their music instantly makes me chill and smile, every time. Angus,

is one sexy man. Under all of that hair is a very talented guitar man of greatness. And Julia, took me a while to understand Julia. Her voice has such a unique quality to it, that I didn't really appreciate at first hearing. But then I learned that she plays the trumpet, and of course she went right up in my books :) that was the beginning of the Julia respect. It was actually their earlier CD's, "Chocolates and Cigarettes" and "Heart Full of Wine" that showed me a side to Julia that I absolutely loved. That, of course, opened my eyes to the development of her music, and grew into a deep appreciation.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brett Is a Girl.

Brett Manning. She began one of my obsessions. The one where I am constantly on the look out for amazing artists anywhere and everywhere- that obsession. After stumbling across her work, I was inspired to see what else was out there, what other amazing artists I had left unseen. She's the kind of artist I've always aspired to be.

And she has the cat I want!

See more of here beautiful creations here