Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Don't Want To Sell Me Deathsticks..

My happiness levels reached maximum level twice today. For the first time, when I saw this outside of Vinnies on my way to uni..

And for the second time when I purchased it on my way home from uni. What a day of glory.

To tie it in with my current blog theme, I am forever amazed by the amazingness of Obi Wan and, although he does not feature on this specific poster of greatness, Yoda. That's some wisdom, power and control they've got going on there! And their ability to control other people's minds.. for the greater good of course! As a youngin, I used to wish I was Padme. I must admit, I didn't fully understand her unfortunate fate at the end of episode three back then..


p.s. Everything would be so much more awesome if it wasn't for Jaja freaking Binks.