Thursday, June 24, 2010

Of My Dreams.

I met the man of my dreams last night. He was a gentleman, but he didn't know it. He was funny, and he only laughed at other peoples jokes when he found them honestly hilarious. He lived in an old house, had dark hair, was quite thin, and walked at a slow pace. He was beautiful, and thought the same of me, but I don't remember much else about him. That's because he only existed in my dream.


D O N E.

That's right, done. And pretty sure I passed too :) my trumpet exam that is.
So now I am officially chilled, and ready for the road tomorrow.

However, there are some important things I learned today:
- I cannot sightread/transpose under pressure
- The same as the above for reciting scales
- "American Pool" is not a spoof of "American Pie"
- ALWAYS remember to ask for chai on water, or it WILL be done with milk
- There is no more Ruddy
- Don't bring plain cheese on bread to uni for lunch, because the sandwich toaster doesn't always hang around

Also, shout out to my bro who got his braces off today!! Later,


Monday, June 21, 2010

Proud Creator.

(first post from new (old) film!!)

I'm pretty proud of my cushion cover making attempts! I do enjoy my time spent confused but engaged at the sewing machine. Very exciting- while I'm away on the coming road trip, I have convinced my mother to teach me to crochet!! Also, I'm taking my Diana F+ :) As it will be a learning film for me, the shots will probably be technically terrible, but there's no better time for 'terrible' shots than on a road trip.

Speaking of people judging the technical quality of film, I was pretty annoyed at the little bit of paper that came with my prints, telling me that I don't take care of my film! I beg to differ. The fault that my prints apparently have, is not a fault in my eyes, and therefore I do not think that I need to be told what to do by a strip of paper.


Friday, June 18, 2010


So I'm pretty stoked right now, as our internet hasn't been working latley and I've been missing the blogs I follow, as well as posting on my own! And now I'm super excited because not only can I blog again, but I also have a developed film :)

However, exams are still on for a bit, so I probably won't actually be able to post them until I sort through them and stuff.. but at least it's possibe now :)

Other reasons I'm excited: I brought the Kings Of Convenience album yesterday and it's immaculate, the Cat Empire album comes out on Friday, Frankie Magazine comes out on Wednesday, alsoo my tech exam will be over with on Thursday (!) and then, off on a roadtrip!!

There will be so many exciting posts in the near future.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh, The Choices!

I've finished a wonderful, large (my idea of large) book and now it's time to choose another from my book case of mostly unread books! Yay :)
This is another picture I'm quite proud of from that time I borrowed the really good camera.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cat In The Window.

As you’ll notice once I get my flim developed (Thursday!!), I really want a cat. Really, really badly.

I didn’t take this picture, but there are others, many others, taken by me.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Online Conversations.

Sure, seeing your name in bold in my inbox is exciting, but I really would love just to speak to you more face to face, now that I've seen how our conversation can flow.

Click here for photo source.