Friday, August 3, 2012

Horse, Confusion, Frank!

What a day. I rode my first horse! His name was Renick, he was crazy, and a little bit adorable. It would be hypocritical of me to complain at his lack of interest in going faster, or his need to constantly graze. If I or my love were a horse, we would be Renick. Nikki and I were so lucky to be surrounded by beauty with the wonderfully intriguing creatures that are horses.

This lovely morning was followed by a contrasting evening of STRANGEST MOVIE EVER. People walked out of the cinema. A terrible haircut was had, a hand was shot, the weirdness just grew and grew. My first thought is, I didn't like it. This being said, I must have liked it at least a little because it kept me thinking. The characters were all philosophical genius's, however mad-hatter-like they appeared, and it's impossible for this to have no effect on my mind.

So my mind was busy, messy, hectic, and I didn't like it. I wanted the freshness and clarity of the horse ride back! The calmness of nature, and humour of animals. And then I turned to something altogether different; Frank Sinatra. What a voice. I turned my pretty lights on and lit the best smelling of the candles, and listened myself calm. It was wonderful. I felt like I should have had a cigarette in my hand stained with the reddest lip stick, while enjoying my tranquil thoughts.

I think I'll call today a fork day. Three pronged. Three definable stages of entirely different states of mind. It's been a rollercoaster; a plane crash with a safe landing. And now I must sleep, in preparation for tomorrow. Maybe it will just be a knife, or a spoon. I'm not sure how to metaphorically define the other cutlery yet, so bare with me.