Thursday, September 2, 2010

Patrick The Photo Taker.


is a photo taking friend of mine named Patrick Self. He's a bit of a legend.

Patrick is an intriguing, philosophical character with a side of incredible photographer. For example,

And something you may not know, he's also a fantastic dancer.
These are just some of my absolute favourites, please see for yourself at his website and/or blog .

Lately, Patrick has had the privilege of shooting some pretty decent bands such as "The Bedroom Philosopher", "Boy and Bear" and "The Boat People" to name a few. Or should I say, they had the privilege of being shot by him. He also has an exhibition coming up in November, which I believe will feature some of these music-related photographs (such as the last one above).

And of course, I have to include one that he's taken of me! This was taken mid Bob Marley sing along at a gathering last summer. What a lovely period of time to remember.