Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Got Rhythm!

I danced a lot last night. A lot. And although I think it was probably the worst I've ever danced, I had the most wonderful time. There was much smiling, my jaw was aching.

These videos are of my oldest and newest favourite dance scenes from movies. When I was a yougin, I loved nothing more than "Singing in The Rain". Apparently I would sing "Good Morning" every single morning without fail. If somebody did that to me they probably wouldn't still be alive now, so I'm thankful that my parents become quickly immune to my music related crazes. I don't think 'craze' is really an appropriate term for my relationship with that movie though, I still adore it.

YouTube is being lame and won't let me embed the videos, but here's the link for "Moses Supposes" and "Dream of You". Please watch them, they're fantastic!

And I don't really think it's necessary for me to re-declare my love for "500 Days Of Summer", you get the picture. I love how this scene captures the situation so so perfectly!


p.s. On my YouTube travels I found this, which excited me quite considerably :)