Monday, July 12, 2010

"Tea Leaves in the Cup, You're a Good Friend of Mine"

There are many people that I idolise and/or couldn't live without and/or draw so much inspiration from that I'm surprised they have any left to live off. I've decided to start acknowledging that in my blog.

The first post of love goes out to my bestest of best friends, Nikki. It's her birthday tomorrow and I wish her all of my good wishes. She is the best listener. In fact, she is such a good listener, that at school in a session with the career's councilor, they ended up discussing the career of the councilor. I owe her so many hours of listening to long, confusing stories that end with a "to be continued", told for the sake of sanity. Occasionally she also has to sit through my songs in their roughest form, because they explain things better than I can myself. She is the most selfless person I know; she looks after her family so well. She always smells nice and has very soft hair (seriously, you wouldn't believe how soft it is!). We share a passion for culture, taste in music (98% of the time!) and many pots of tea. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. See for yourself.