Monday, July 26, 2010


When I saw Inception just last week (with four of my favourite people!), I couldn't help but notice something about this charming man. And I don't mean to be quoting The Smiths, but I guess that's just what he's got me doin. So I remembered him from 10 Things I Hate About You, when he played the adorable dorky boy trying to win the pretty girl, and I remembered loving it. I remembered him in 500 Days of Summer, and remember it being only MY FAVOURITE MOVIE IN THE UNIVERSE. And then I remembered why I wasn't so charmed by him before seeing the gift from God that is Inception. Too many similarities in his roles. First off, both of the movie titles start with a number. I mean, seriously man. And secondly, in both movies he is the helpless romantic who wants the prettiest girl out, but just can't seem to get her. Of course, the story lines play out completely differently and Zooey is much much prettier (more about her later), but I still couldn't see past it. But now. Now that I've seen this new character that he can play. Now that I've seen the charm that has always been there. Now that I've seen his genius, his suits and his super awesomeness, there is no looking back. He is the sexiest, the hansomest. Now to see a picture of him reading sexily..