Thursday, July 8, 2010

Over thought thoughts.

I love road trips- really, you never get more time to think without distractions, listen to hours and hours of music, see beautiful things, meet wonderful people, see friends/family who live in the middle of no wear, visit out of the way op shops and bizarre tourist attractions. And that I did.

To concentrate on some of the more important aspects (completely out of chronological order), I met my cousins brand new baby :) he's absolutely beautiful of course. We also visited my cousins in the Blue Mountains, who have settled in so so well to life in a small town. Visited an old friend of my parents, who doubles as my first music teacher! She has two girls and a husband now. Wow. Also, we tried something new this time. We took a billy with us, and made tea and coffee at rest stops instead of always stopping at cafes. Fantastic idea dad, we saw so much more!

The music never got boring. I never got over the trees. I never gave up finding wonderful things in the op shops. I did get sick of the mining museums. And I wasn't too fond of the set back with the car >:(

But it was the hours of thinking that really got to me. As per usual, I took the opportunity to over think just about everything that could possibly be over thought. And, of course, it's confused me even more. But that's possibly a good thing. (notice the uncertainty of the 'possibly') It always seems to help in the end- mulling over everything so disconnected from everything. It's better than where I was before I left. Stuck on one closed minded opinion. At least it's helped me to open my eyes a little. Possibly helped, possibly over complicated things. I guess I'll just find out. I'll contemplate some of these over thought thoughts in post form if they become relevant. One thing I am sure of, is that I still really want a cat :) below is my friend's cat, Louie.