Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're all alright!

We're not really though. People's houses are destroyed along with all of their belongings, people are dieing, missing, loosing power, phone lines are down, roads are invisible, public transport is down- it's a bit of a mess here in Brisbane. I'm a lucky duck, thankfully, all nice and dry so far!

The most ridiculous things are happening. Today at work, we sold 300 and something loaves of white bread, as opposed to the usual 40ish. It's so weird to hear about all of the floods and destruction, when I barley saw a drop of water all day! Being up on high ground in the sun makes it seem like the news is a movie or something. But if I were to go on a 5 minute drive or so, I could see the full effects of it all (spending the day at work, I could only see pictures that other people had taken of this insane mass of water). I also saw a picture of South Bank which indicated that my university is now part aquarium.. so that should be interesting. I worry for the organ down stairs! Do organs work after they've been under water?

I hope everyone's doing alright, and that we can function normally in the near future. Come and visit me to stock up on bread and milk (like everyone else seems to be doing) tomorrow, as most places were breadless today. Do not fear, your bakery is here.