Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Road, Three Perspectives (Part 1)

I've started walking a new (and ever so slightly quicker) way to work this past week, and one particular street has come to my attention on three occasions. The first, was on my way home after a MASSIVE storm. The storm was so massive, that I had to stay in the building an hour after my shift finished, waiting for umbrella appropriate weather. Of course, by the time most of it cleared, I didn't even need an umbrella. The walk was just beautiful! Everything was so different and wonderful. It reminded me of that feeling you get when you're pushing through something, and then it finally finishes. Like when someone stops tickling you, or you finish sneezing, or when you've had a really long, stressful day on your feet and you finally lay down to go to sleep; that feeling of relief and relaxation.

Have you ever noticed how people behave differently in the rain? They take more notice of their surroundings, because it all looks different. They're forced to stop and take a moment to breath. People are more chatty and excitable in storms. Strangers speak to each other, because they're sharing a common, out of the ordinary experience. Everyone's fascinated by lightning, and they watch it in awe. In a couple of houses I walked past, there were small groups of three or so people standing and sitting in their front doorways with a cup of tea or a cigarette, just silently looking at the after affects.

Anyway, the street. I walked down it like it was completely unfamiliar to me, it was just so beautiful. Because I was walking up hill, the water was flowing down the overflowing drains so fast, and it sounded like a real river. In contrast to the masses of still water gathering in people's driveways, it looked extraordinary. It took me so long to get home because I kept stopping to take photographs. They can't possibly be an accurate depiction though, without the scent, sound and movement of the water.

The photograph's are still inside my camera, so above is one of Nirrimi's, and below is Patrick Self's.