Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wearing All of Your Clothes at the Same Time.

I keep writing really long posts and not posting them. It's quite time consuming. So because I'm not satisfied with any of these previous posts, I'm going to write a simple ramble about some music. I always like doing that :)

Alright, so ever since I've acquired it, I've been obsessed with Wincing the Night Away by The Shins. I realise it's not particularly new (released early 2007), I meant to buy it for ages, and boy was I glad when I did. It's actually all I listened to for months. I brought another album on the same day, which I'm sure is fantastic..

Although I was familiar with a few of their songs before seeing it, the movie Garden State really sold them to me in the end. Being a MASSIVE fan of both Zac Braff (who directed and stared in the movie) and Natalie Portman, I was bound to love it. I must admit, the story line did depress me a little, but something about the watered down chaos and bizarre turn of events appealed to me. The best thing about it, hands down, was the soundtrack. Although it's not from Wincing the Night Away, New Slang is one of my all time favourite Shins songs, and a significant song in the movie.

Back to the album. There's actually not one song on it that I don't love, definitely give it a listen :)