Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspiration Explosion.

My mind has just been exploding with inspiration these past couple of days! I mean, it's pretty pointless stuff popping up in there (I may or may not have drawn a picture of a cat chasing a gnome), but entertaining none the less :)

I used this cat in the drawing. It's always sun baking when I walk past on my way home from the train. It kind of looks like it's running here, even though it's chilling.

I had this lovely patriotic moment yesterday afternoon! And no, I don't mean war-cry's and green and gold jersey's. I was standing by the sink, washing my hands of the first mango of the season (Kieran bought the mother of all mango's), and the most beautiful breeze was blowing through the window. I was listening to Josh Pyke singing about the sea with that strong Australian accent of his, and there was a Kookaburra on the clothes line. Summer started at that precise moment, I think.

The evening began with the surprise of a room filled with candles, watching my favourite movie with the Joseph and the Zooey AND eating my favourite ice cream with the cookies and the cream. Nick is actually the cat's pajamas and the bee's knees all in one.

And today, although this may not seem particularly exciting to some, I had the fantastic pleasure of spending quality time with a cup of tea and a fresh book. Scrubs even came on TV.

Between these times of pure loveliness, there has been much creating. And a little cleaning on the side, but even that isn't so bad with the company of Ben Folds and Belle and Sebastian. On that note, Ben Folds and Nick Hornby's current collaboration = genius. I had my doubts. Majorly. Being a dedicated Ben fan (especially when it comes to Ben Folds Five), I was a little concerned when I heard 'From Above' on the radio over and over. It seemed a little bit like some of Ben Folds stuff that lacks.. I don't know. Just, the majority of his music is so incredible, but some of it is a less incredible version of the good stuff. As in, it has the same kind of qualities, but it just doesn't have 'it'. Obviously that's impossible to avoid, I can't believe the number of different songs I've heard of his. He's a song writing machine. Anyway, I felt like this song was a bit like that. THEN, I heard 'Levi Johnson's Blues', which is just freaking great.

In the CD book thing, Nick Hornby has written a little about the stories behind the songs, which I definitely appreciate! And it's kind of cool all the collaborations that are involved. Like 'Things You Think' with Pomplamoose, Kate Miller-Heidke singin' in 'From Above', and this video with the blogger Charlie is so cool like for 'Saskia Hamilton', which Kate also sings in. All of these collaborations (and so many more great people that I'm not familiar with) bring so much freshness and fantasticness to his already fantabulous musical mind. I decided to embrace it. Needless to say there's been more dancing than cleaning. Also, it makes me want to make some sweet collaborations with people. I've had some pretty successful jam sessions with various talented friends over the year, definitely keen for more now that free time is among us.

That Ben Folds rant wasn't actually planned, so this post has kind of gone off topic a little, but hey, let's just go with it.