Monday, June 21, 2010

Proud Creator.

(first post from new (old) film!!)

I'm pretty proud of my cushion cover making attempts! I do enjoy my time spent confused but engaged at the sewing machine. Very exciting- while I'm away on the coming road trip, I have convinced my mother to teach me to crochet!! Also, I'm taking my Diana F+ :) As it will be a learning film for me, the shots will probably be technically terrible, but there's no better time for 'terrible' shots than on a road trip.

Speaking of people judging the technical quality of film, I was pretty annoyed at the little bit of paper that came with my prints, telling me that I don't take care of my film! I beg to differ. The fault that my prints apparently have, is not a fault in my eyes, and therefore I do not think that I need to be told what to do by a strip of paper.