Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Mexican Dinner In Japan.

This picture was taken at Tokyo Disney Sea last year during my stay in the fantastically bizarre Fuji City. It was quite the day. I woke at 4am and squeezed into a coat thicker than any coat I have ever squeezed into before, having little to no knowledge of quite how cold it would be later on.. but oh did I find out :) So I sleepily climbed onto the bus to Tokyo with my two host sisters and left for the 5 hour bus trip. The day was absolutely beautiful, wonderful (freaking cold) weather and gentle rides, such as the one pictured above. I had a fantastic mixed language d&m with my host sisters, and they were brave enough to let me choose a place to eat dinner. I, of course, chose a Mexican restaurant that promised a live latin band, although it seems it was not in my host sisters taste (they politely picked at their meals, but didn't really eat them). This day was not only one of the highlights of my 6 week stay in Japan, but of my life. Being one of the last couple of weeks, I was greatly missing my mexican food, and as I wasn't in possession of an iPod, the music was some of the greatest music I have ever heard. I cannot explain the joy that I felt to hear that brass that night, or that I still feel remembering it. The entire bus trip home I couldn't stop smiling while passing through the nightlife of Tokyo city, thinking of the music. That is why I am so looking forward to what is beginning next week. Not only do I have the rest of my life to stumble across moments like these, but I can really begin on my quest to be their creator.