Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Block Exam Survival.

During block exams, I did a lot of strange things to keep me going. I say block exams, but I guess I'm really talking about the weekend before, when I would try to learn everything that let slide during the term (so yes, an entire term's work of maths b every time). Firstly, I would burn an obscene amount of incense in the hope that it would help me relax. Secondly, I would open all of my windows so that I wouldn't choke on this incense. Thirdly, I would annoy the neighbours and family by listening to music from when i woke up, until I went to bed. In order to keep myself interested and prevent a lack of focus, I raided my parents and brothers and my own music collection to find the most diverse range of albums possible, and would time my day that way. For example, "At the end of the Jimmy Little album, I will break for lunch." or "Bach and Suf Jan Stevens should get me through section 3 of this essay." I found it worked out pretty well for me. As I didn't have an iPod at the time, I used the device pictured above. My very talented father attached my disc man to a very, very old sound system that worked fantastically, much to his surprise. So, although the good old disc man has now been replaced by a BEAUTIFUL iPod, I did appreciate it very much during this time.