Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Yo Yo Ma.

I had my first gig just over a week ago. I've done a zillion gigs before, but I think this was my real first. I write these silly little songs, and play these simple little guitar bits. The silly little songs now belong to me and my band, Yo Yo Ma. The gentleman of Yo Yo Ma take these songs, and turn them into something wonderful. Their creativity and ability amazes me all the time, and I feel so honored to make music with them.

The week before the gig was spent in concentrated Yo Yo Ma concentration, and I think that's when everything really came together. We shared food and drinks and talked ridiculousness, between hours of music making and ideas. When it was finally gig night, on the tiny stage in the tiny room, the little songs became big ones. We had made something that was completely our own, and we were sharing it with all of these listening people. To have made something that you love absolutely, and for that something to be appreciated by a room full of attentive people, is a wonderful thing.

This was the first gig of Yo Yo Ma, and there will be more. The next room is not so tiny. There will be more ears and eyes, and we will have to try harder to fill it. We are bigger now, but we are still little giants.