Thursday, October 21, 2010

You can pull linked sausages out of me if you want.

So I was moping around the house, doing absolutely nothing when there are a million things to be done, and I decided to watch Gilmore Girls, as it is always the medicine to my moping. Of course, every time I use it for this medicine purpose, it turns out to be a depressing episode, having the opposite effect from the usual Gilmore dose.

But in the end, it pulled through. After a long bout of hopelessness, in fact appearing to worsen my moping, the last line made me happy. For possibly less than five seconds at the very very end, it managed to turn my mood around completely, with the simple line of, "You can pull linked sausages out of me if you want".

I was actually Rory in my dream the other night. It was so bizarre, I'm always myself in my dreams! Occasionally I may be wearing a costume or acting like somebody else, but I was utterly and completely Rory Gilmore. I looked like her, talked like her, people called me 'Rory'. I was roaming the streets in this strange emotionless state, and then I came across a group of people I knew, having a street party of some kind. So, of course, I joined them, still in the emotionless state, and started babbling on about how I realised I was in love with Logan (Rory's boyfriend in the show, as pictured above). Then I laid on a trampoline and stared at the stars, expressionless, for ages before waking up and returning to the real world where I am myself. My subconcious takes me on some strange adventures in the night.