Monday, May 3, 2010

No, Way.

I can’t quite believe that tomorrow, people are actually going to hear our music. After writing music and lyrics for billions of years, I finally get the chance to perform it in front of a crowd. With a band. That are awesome. This is the kind of thing that you never, ever think would actually happen. So yes, it may be unpaid, and yes, it may be an audience of parents and students from my old school (who have actually come to see the teachers), and yes, it may be only one or two songs, but it’s STILL a performance, and it’s STILL our stuff, and there will STILL be people listening to it. And I’m still freaking excited, and I love my band for making it happen. Stephen for having the ideas, Toby for getting us somewhere, Charlie for always knowing exactly what to drum, and Evie for joining the band four days before the performance and being the missing (kick-ass) puzzle piece :)

Love x