Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Good Egg.

Today was a good egg. Here are the more prominent reasons why:

1. Spending many an hour with a good friend of whom I see so ridiculously rarely.
2. You know those balloon men in the city who make crazy things from balloons? Well, we brought some :) and they were sooo much fun. There were many stares at the guy in the colourful balloon hat..
3. We covered the roof of a caravan (inside) in fairy lights :) and then sat in awe watching each different setting thing. wow it was beautiful.
4. Taking paper clip chains to the next level. There is now a caravan door with quite a lot of very long paper clip chains hanging from it (like the beaded door hangy things)
5. I actually enjoyed some of that overly artsy unconventional music today. Shows how much the performer can affect the audiences reactions to the piece! What an entertainer.
6. Had the most amazing dinner! Turkish food, tea and cake. Don't need to eat again ever in my life, but it was totally worth it.

Come to think of it, the past three days have been wonderful. I spent a whole day a couple of days ago working on music. Not uni music, my own personal stuff. An actual productive day (with the help of Toby). And yesterday, mum and I brought 28 tea cups and sauces from second hand stores allll around. For a bargain of course :) and you know what second hand shopping means? Lots and lots of good finds. Also, I've met two lovely cats and now I'm even more set on getting one once I move out. The girl in that drawing (Brett Manning) is practically me in the future.