Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Not Cool.

So, you see, I adore this singer, Megan Washington. And she’s currently touring near by. However, she’s performing at the Tivoli, A MONTH BEFORE MY 18th BIRTHDAY. Not cool. So tonight while I was at work, they were playing one of her live shows on the radio, and of course I listened to it. I shouldn’t have listened. It was freaking amazing. So not only was I teased by this live show of hers on the radio, but I was spending my Saturday night alone cleaning a bakery, and then continuing on to my home where I would spend the evening studying. So not cool.

Life isn’t completely a downer though :) I had my first performance in a con ensemble last night! It was wonderful. Insane industry or not, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life. The people I have the privilege of playing with are so fantastic at what they do, and such lovely people. Everyone seems to know everyone else who is a musician, so I have a lot of meeting to do :) and I love meeting. Maybe one day I’ll meet Megan Washington.